Paddy’s birthday

Paddy would have been 105 today. Let’s take a moment to remember him.

Here are a few pictures from a colourful life.


6 thoughts on “Paddy’s birthday

  1. Patrick

    Hi, thank you for the the continuing information you supply us all on all matters PLF. My wife, the author Carol McGrath has recently written a blogpost on her visit to The Red Ox Inn in Heidelberg which includes some interesting pictures showing the interior which seems still to be as it was when Paddy visited in 1933.

    Your readers may find it to be of interest. The link is:

    Best wishes, Patrick McGrath ps I have some pictures of the house in Kalamitsi pre and post renovation which also may be of interest in due course…

    Sent from my iPad


  2. helenruston6376

    He lived the life of his most fantastic dreams .. he just ‘went for it’ and never really considered
    the consequences .. ‘consequences be damned.’ Now is the time for that journey you have
    always wanted to do .. well, Paddy would have done it!. He had strong feelings .. for others
    as well. They threw away the mold when he died.


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