Summer’s lease is over

Representation of the entrance to Khiva, Uzbekistan

The more attentive amongst you will have noticed that there has been a little pause in my blog activity over the summer. I do wish I could attribute this to some sort of long sojourn in a house somewhere in the Tuscan hills that had no internet connection (one can dream!), but that has not been the case. Life has been busy, and I suppose I needed a little break as well.

I did manage a little travel with quite a lot of variety. From the imposing mountains of Scotland (when the temperature was over 30 degrees!) to the deserts of Uzbekistan (where it was even hotter). I managed to achieve a lifetime goal to visit Samarkand and to follow in the footsteps of some of the players of the Great Game. In between, I managed a further trip to Albania, visits to London, and walks in southern England, including some spectacular vistas on the South West Coast Path between Weymouth and Poole. Sleeping out on Lulworth Cove beach was a highlight.

It’s back now, with a line-up of new stories, articles, photographs, and news for you all about Paddy, his friends, the house, and other matters that are directly, and sometimes quite indirectly, related to this great travel writer. Watch out for news about the 2020 World Nomad Games! It’s good to be back.


3 thoughts on “Summer’s lease is over

  1. Elisabeth

    Thank you for your wonderful photos.
    I am just reading for a 2nd time Paddy’s Trilogy (Time of Gifts, etc), the only books I read twice. And I wish I would have met the man!

  2. Ruth Caple

    I have missed your blogs over our winter. Just started to read a rollicking yarn – A Ride to Khiva by Fred Barnaby last night and opened up this morning to the glorious water colour of the entrance to Khiva.
    Thank you
    Melbourne, Vic

  3. autumnhare

    Nice to have you back. Over summer we went to Dumbleton to visit Paddy’s grave and I met a lady who had known him. We had Sunday lunch at the Hall. It was a wonderful day.


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