Where exactly is Paddy and Balasha’s watermill?

I have been contacted by Pilar Gonzalez, from Spain, seeking more information about the watermill where Paddy stayed with Balasha in 1935.

This May, Pilar and a friend plan to go Greece and they want to find the mill, named Los Limoneros. This apparently is in Lemonodassos in the southeast of Galatas, overlooking Poros.

Pilar would be grateful for any ideas or information about the exact location of the mill. Please get in touch by making a comment or emailing me (see About & Contact page).


11 thoughts on “Where exactly is Paddy and Balasha’s watermill?

  1. bryfi

    I visited it yesterday, luckily guided there by a lady who remembers the waterfall (no longer operating). I can send photographs to interested parties.
    The old water mill became the taverna. The taverna closed down in the early 2000s, and has been derelict since.
    We were just in time, for building work is underway. Soon the building will be demolished or substantially renovated and probably unrecognisable.
    I climbed up to the small 2nd floor room which Artemis Cooper describes. The roof is mostly gone. But the waterfall fell at the side, as Paddy relates. And yes the view is down to the lemon groves, and across to Poros Island and very beautiful.
    I have some images (photos & short videos). I can’t see a way to upload these here but I’ll happily share them with anyone interested.

  2. Brent McCunn

    Fantastic view once you are there – a good scramble, so if one had any mobility issues not such a good idea. Ditto to the comment referencing Dominic.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Here are the directions:
      I was told where it was by William Blacker, who I think was the only person to have gone in search of the site before the PLFS tour group of 2016.
      We found it that year, and again in 2017. It is very overgrown, and really quite dangerous in the last stretch. It’s hard not to slide up or down the last 20 yards or so, and there’s a lot of long grass. So I send this information not as a recommendation, but for the record.

      The key thing to locate is the closed Taverna Kardasi/Kardassos, which someone has kindly marked on Google Maps.

      GPS & Google refs:
      GPS Ref.: 37.473899, 23.468530
      Google Maps Ref.:

      These instructions are if you’re coming from the south. If you start at Galatas, you’ll have to head south along the coast, then double back:

      1. Head north on the coast road from Ermioni. After Saronida, the road hits the coast. It runs along the coast itself for about 1.5km, then turns left inland.
      2. After about another 1.5km, the road turns right sharply. Do not take the Lemonodassos exit.
      3. Take the left on the rough road about 200m after the sharp right.
      4. Follow this road for 1500 km, (possible sign for Lemon Lime Rooms) then take a left. The turning drops away, and there’s some kind of municipal structure on the corner. There was an old sign for the Taverna Kardassos still there in 2017.
      5. You can drive some of the way along the track, but then will have to walk along a narrow path, hemmed in by a wire fence on the lower side, past the odd modern villa, and then turn uphill.
      6. Keep an eye out for Taverna signs. If unsure, follow the sound of running water uphill. The ruined mill is directly above the taverna: the water runs through the taverna. The irrigation pipes lead you up the last stretch, but it’s very overgrown, and could be slippery if it’s rained recently.
      The mill is ruined and overgrown, and is on two levels. The most visible survival of the mill is a wooden funnel. We also saw rusted machinery from the mill which is on the lower level. There is also a house with a large fig tree growing through it on the lower level. On the upper level, there seems to be the ruin of a kitchen, but there’s been a mudslide from the cliff too. According to William Blacker, PLF and Balasa stayed in the upper room. It’s a lovely spot, with great views to Galatas and Poros, and the air smells of lemons from the groves, which are overgrown and neglected, but still there.
      When you get back down to the coast road, turn left, and there’s a cafe on the beach where you can swim and recover. Last year, a very old lady, one of the proprietor family, said she remembered going up to ‘the English house’ for picnics as a child. Not sure whether that meant she had gone there when PLF was there, or that she went later, and that the site, as now, retained the assocation.

  3. Billy Apt

    Would add to Robert’s post that it was difficult to locate, the immediate vicinity overgrown with vegetation, and the structures in an advanced state of ruin, almost unrecognizable.

      1. alirol

        les ruines du moulin à eau de lemonodasos à vendre! ( peut être déjà vendues)voyez les photos des citronniers, les restes de la pièce haute, et la vue superbe sur Poros….(www.greek-island-poros.com>properties) Avec la photo de Paddy entre Maria et Spiro Lazaros; J’espère pouvoir découvrir l’endroit en Juin encore dans cet état état…;avant les travaux. Souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur aux acquéreurs de ce lieu magique!

  4. Robert Davison

    We found the watermill in Summer 2016 – Dominic Green will have the coordinates and details of how to get to it.


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