A recent visit to Paddy’s house

An update on the house from blog reader Nigel, who was recently in Kardamyli with his wife and visited Paddy and Joan’s house.

I still greatly enjoy your e-mails. Keep them coming.
Just a brief note to say that my wife and I were in Kardamyli as usual in May this year and went to visit Paddy and Joan’s house.
We have walked past for years, including when he lived there, and always wanted to see it.
The house is of course stunning as indeed are the gardens.
The Benaki museum will make it into a wonderful centre I am sure but it was good to visit before the changes start whilst it is still as he left it and retains the atmosphere of his time.
We were shown round by Elpida Beloyianni who is in charge of the restoration and was charming and most hospitable.
I just thought that you would be interested to know that all of Paddy and Joan’s effect have now been moved to Athens and the house is empty. Restoration can now start!
The exception is the amazing table in the main room, which I’m sure you know. It is too heavy to move.

There will be a huge amount to do to upgrade the house for its future role. I commented on the lovely but ruined wooden windows and Elpida said that all they needed in the past was painting now and then but Paddy never bothered!


4 thoughts on “A recent visit to Paddy’s house

  1. Eirini Mita

    I left Kardamyli on the 10th of August and it was more than obvious works had begun. ISO Boxes were installed in the garden probably for the workers, which were next equipped with A/C units and also two more ISO Boxes further up as WCs. The next day everything was connected to the plumbing and electricity systems accordingly. I took pictures where you can see the works. I am so excited and eager to see the outcome of this ambitious project. This place for me is magical!

  2. Kevin Volans

    It is not strictly true that the windows were never painted. I was there one year when they were being done. However, both Paddy and Joan were unhappy with the lack of charm of newly painted windows. Kevin Volans

  3. Michael Torrens

    It is pleasant to see a simple and objective report on the present state of the Kalamitsi property. I can inform those interested that the final details of the renovation are being agreed with the contractors this month, that I have seen the project plans and they are sensitive to the preservation of atmosphere. However to achieve the wishes of Paddy and Joan in their deed of gift there have to be changes that will upset some purists. But it was never supposed to be a museum. It is designed to be a place relevant to contemporary creativity. Keep that in mind!


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