The Sabotage Diaries – video by author Katherine Barnes

The Sabotage Diaries from Katherine Barnes on Vimeo.

I first wrote about this excellent book in March. Author Katherine Barnes has now produced a video which is worth a watch, even if only to view some of the extraordinary photographs showing SOE operations in mainland Greece.

The Sabotage Diaries is the thrilling story of Allied engineer Tom Barnes, who was parachuted behind enemy lines in Greece In 1942 with eleven others to sabotage the railway line taking supplies to Rommel in North Africa. The target chosen was the Gorgopotamos bridge. Tom led the demolition party to lay the explosives while fighting raged between the Italian garrison and a combined force of Greek resistance fighters and Tom’s fellow-soldiers. A great story of courage and endurance.

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3 thoughts on “The Sabotage Diaries – video by author Katherine Barnes

  1. bernardoconnor

    Oh yes, Apologies for mentioning it here but readers who’ve finished reading the ‘Sabotage Diaries’ might also be interested in ‘Sabotage in Greece’ which also includes Tom’s story but without access to the diaries, photos etc. It is based on personnel files and mission reports about the attack on Gorgopotamos viaduct and numerous other targets across Greece.

  2. bernardoconnor

    Great video promotion Katherine. How wonderful to have all those photos and memorabilia – including his diaries. No wonder it’ll be a great story. Well done for keeping his memory alive.


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