Greek media and environment professional seeking internship

Dear friends and readers.

I was recently stranded in Thessaloniki for a few hours whilst on my way to Skopje. It seemed like a good idea to see if I could have lunch with a Greek friend, Lia Papadranga, who I had met on my journey across Albania searching for the Via Egnatia in 2009. Lia is chief press officer for the Axios Delta national park, a great area of beautiful wetland just west of Thessaloniki.

Over a wonderful fish lunch Lia told me about her current Masters studies in Journalism and New Media, and the need to continue those studies with an Erasmus sponsored internship, ideally abroad. She told me that competition for such posts was tough and I offered to help by putting something on the Blog.

Lia is very hard working, bright and tenacious, with considerable experience in journalism and media. If you think that you may have an internship in your organisation please take a look at her CV here and introduction letter.

Thank you.



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