Progress on the house at Kardamyli

If anyone was wondering I hear that there is news of a sort.

As you may recall, the Benaki Museum was seeking approval for funding of the proposed renovations. From my sources it appears the the proposal as submitted has been turned down, and the museum has now re-submitted the proposal in a reduced form. Quite what this means no-one seems to know. No real surprises there then.

My own view, which has not really changed for a few years, is that the only way forward is for a group to seek to either buy the house outright, or lease the house for the remaining few years that the Benaki have the right to create the writer’s retreat, do that job for them, and then purchase the house outright at the end of the term which may be 2024 if I recall correctly. Any takers?


1 thought on “Progress on the house at Kardamyli

  1. Michael Torrens

    Dear Tom,
    Basically I agree with you 100%. A basic problem is inertia here in Greece. Both the lack of it and the impossibility of altering any that has started. There is a new director/CEO at the Benaki, Olivier Decot, who will have too many other problems initially to prioritize Kardamyli. What is needed is a pressure group based locally with the ambassador playing a pivotal role. Let’s hope that something along these lines can evolve, and soon.
    Michael Torrens.


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