Time to get your running shoes on: time for the Kreipe Run!

Kreipe runI suppose it had to happen. An endurance run is being planned for 21-22 May 2016 which will follow the general line of the Kreipe kidnap route. I’m not entirely convinced by the choice of name for the event but it is as it is.

The race is not for the faint-hearted. A distance of 100 miles, with an elevation gain of 5,500 metres all to be completed within 30 hours. It would be great to hear from any of our intrepid readers who will be signing up for this inaugural event.

Find out more here.


1 thought on “Time to get your running shoes on: time for the Kreipe Run!

  1. Willie Scraggs

    One can only imagine the pain and suffering of such an undertaking. And yet surely the worst of it would be arrival at the finishing line with your muscles in spasm, your feet aching, sweat streaming off your wobbling pot belly, your eyes blinded from dust and insects, and Kreipes! the official with the clipboard is uttering something wholly unintelligible, and he refuses to give you the hard-earned, Kidnap-Route cert unless you complete the remaining lines of the ancient Greek poem…


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