Voices From Greece day at the University of East Anglia

CaptureRegular blog correspondent Christos Paganakis has highlighted this event which is being held next weekend, 22 February, at the University of East Anglia. All are welcome. Contact  H.Anagnostopoulou[at]uea.ac.uk at UEA for details.

Christos tells me:

We have managed to resurrect our annual ” Voices From Greece ” day at the University here in Norwich ( the ones due for 2013+2014 were cancelled , due to funding from the Greek Min of Culture being unavailable due to the Economic Catastrophe in Greece )
I think the subject matter for this one might be of interest , and would certainly have interested Paddy , because it is all about the ethnically and culturally Greek populations still in southern Italy , their Language , Culture and Music , etc .

If it runs like previous ones it’ll start off with some lectures, then there’ll be a concert of traditional music and song related to the event theme , then mostly everyone goes out for a meal (where the musicians are usually inveigled into giving a second , extempore performance), and it all ends very late rather like a Greek peasant’s wedding, with earnest Oxbridge professors dancing the Pentoziali .


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