Nick Hunt Marking Paddy’s Centenary

Harry Bucknall, Tom Chesshyre, and and Nick Hunt at the Stanford's Travel Writing Festival

Harry Bucknall, Tom Cheshyre, and and Nick Hunt at the Stanford’s Travel Writing Festival

In response to my request for ideas as to how to celebrate Paddy’s centenary this year we have had one or two ideas, but please come forward with more. So far we have the suggestion of a special page for your comments and quotes which we shall do, as well as a big Greek style party at my flat which appears to involve mass destruction of plates, furniture and ceilings with the unrestrained use of firearms in confined spaces. I am just checking the conditions of my lease and will come back on that one.

I have the idea of a one day event later in the autumn and shortly I will be asking you to vote for a couple of options via the wonderful Poll facility on WordPress.

Meanwhile, fresh from his successful debate with Blandford Forum’s leading travel writer, Harry Bucknall (author of Like a Tramp, Like A Pilgrim: On Foot, Across Europe to Rome) at the Standford’s Travel Writing Festival on Saturday, Nick Hunt will be out and about next week giving a couple of talks to mark the centenary. Nick will be in Waterstones Glasgow on 9th February and then at Hatchard’s Piccadilly on Wednesday 11th itself. Please do go along to support Nick and buy a copy of the really excellent Walking the Woods and the Water: In Patrick Leigh Fermor’s footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn. Nick is very entertaining and offers a very serious perspective on walking, Paddy, and his own personal experiences during his long walk which we did so much to support.


3 thoughts on “Nick Hunt Marking Paddy’s Centenary

  1. Elisabeth Whittaker

    Thank you for the blog. I shall be in the Cotswolds next week and have planned to make a pilgrimage to Dumbleton on Wednesday and have lunch in the pub (if there is one). If any other Paddy fan plans to do the same, perhaps we could join up and at least toast his centenary? Does anyone know of a good pub nearby that Paddy might have frequented?

    Elisabeth Whittaker

  2. JulianA

    Love the idea of the one day event. It would be great to meet up with some other Paddy enthusiasts and maybe to put faces to a few of the names we see on this site!

  3. Nicolas Ruelle

    Like-minded people might want to gather for a few drinks in Paddy’s memory on the day, in various locations. Particulary if Paddy himself had a favourite drinking place there.
    I’ll be happy to stand a drink to anyone who shows up in Paris. Even better if you know of any bars where Paddy used to go (as he must have done).


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