The Paddy blog is changing …

But don’t worry. It is only the look and layout that has changed. The format that I used up to now was no longer supported by WordPress who supply the engine behind the best blog about our favourite author and all round adventurer and gentleman.

I have chosen a neat and crisp format which is not so different to before and will enable me to take advantage of new features and plug-ins, when I get the time to find my way around.

You may find some of the older posts have lost a bit of formatting and where it is very bad I will try to sort out the issues, but with over 600 posts it won’t be possible to check them all. You can help me by getting in touch – see About & Contact – and informing me of howlers.

Would Paddy have understood any of the above? Probably not, but I am sure that if he had a computer he would enjoy browsing to find interesting articles and to look at pictures and videos of his dear friends and colleagues. More to come.

Finally it will be the centenary of Paddy’s birth on 11 February. If you have any suggestions about how we might mark this event please do come forward with your ideas and I will see what I can do.



8 thoughts on “The Paddy blog is changing …

  1. Ben Slight

    Hi Tom,
    Some news for the blog: Nick Hunt, Walking the Woods & the Water, will be doing a couple of talks next week to mark the centenary. In Waterstones Glasgow on the 9th and then at Hatchard’s Piccadilly on the Wednesday 11th itself. Last weekend he did a talk with Harry Bucknall at the first of Stanford’s Travel Writing Festivals, and the interest in Paddy was keenly felt. All the best, Ben

  2. Jacques M.Candelay

    Dear Tom,
    Why not open a birthday box in which instead of birthday wishes each participant would contribute one of his favourite quote from Paddy ‘s work? Maybe not feasible, just a thought….
    and thank you so much for the blog!!!!!!!

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Jacques – not such a bad idea. We have the Your Paddy Thoughts which I started as I had wind he was dying and has been used as a bit of a memorial page since then. But something new and happier is a very nice idea. Thank you I will work on that one. Tom

  3. Christos Paganakis

    Hi Tom , I like the new format , but can the clickable link for replies go at the foot of the articles ( as before ) rather than at the head ? I had to hunt for that ( Ouzo fumes not helping ) .

    As for PLF’s centenary birthday , what else but a big Glendi ?
    Greek themed Bottle party , plus bring some nibbles for the Meze , we can have it at your house , Lyra music , singing and dancing till dawn , I’m sure the neighbours wont mind .
    I’ll come the day before and dig a fire-pit on your front lawn to slow-cook the whole lamb in , and bring a couple of bottles of something fortifying to maintain morale while we cook , and clear for action .
    This being the UK we will have to forego the firearms bits , but look on the bright side , it’ll save expense on plasterboard and re-Artex-ing .
    Pame , tha perasoume kala !

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      I did ask them if they had any plans and the answer was no. It is early days for them, but tying something in their calendar may have been a good idea. Maybe it was actually missed in all the excitement?


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