Owen Martell – Walking the West across the USA

You may remember in 2012 I posted a video of Owen Martell walking “the wrong way” across Europe from Istanbul to Edinburgh. It was quite an epic journey.

This last year or so Owen walked across the United States from Seattle to New Orleans pushing and sometimes dragging his load in a trolley contraption through snow and desert, encountering some very strange Americans, and just good normal people on his way. There were times when he had some close shaves, suffering from noxious gases in oil production fields, and getting caught up in “security situations” in an America that can sometimes be hostile to the wandering traveller as it fights the war against its unseen, and perhaps imagined, enemies.

I hope that you enjoy watching Owen’s journey in his wonderful You Tube video accompanied as ever by the delightful music of the very talented folk group Darlingside.

Watch Owen’s walk across Europe here.


2 thoughts on “Owen Martell – Walking the West across the USA

  1. francis fermor

    To who ever edits all this stuff and now sends out daily up-dates under the heading Patrick Leigh Fermor – I have had enough!

    While it was genuinely regarding Paddy I had a real interest, but too many people are “joining the band waggon” and taking advantage for their own personal ends.

    Please “unsubscribe” me.

    Francis Fermor

    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 00:28:20 +0000 To: fermorf@hotmail.com


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