Paddy’s wall hanging from the castle of Passerano

Hanging made for Paddy when living in the empty castle of Passerano in 1958-9:

This picture was sent to me by Artemis Cooper some time ago. I hope that you enjoy looking at it and relating it to the part of her biography where Paddy moons around in Italy searching for love and as ever trying unsuccessfully to write.

Artemis writes:

I have just taken possession of this, thanks to Richard Riley who appears with it in the photo – he has had it in his basement, Paddy left it there years ago. Richard agreed to let me take it, and thought it a great idea that it be sold in aid of the house at Kardamyli. The hanging was made for Paddy when he was living in the empty castle of Passerano in 1958-9: he had it made by the local nuns! I thought it might be the centrepiece of a collection of Paddy memorabilia (yet to be collected) that we could sell when we come to do a charity event for the house.


3 thoughts on “Paddy’s wall hanging from the castle of Passerano

  1. Christos Paganakis

    I hope you don’t sell it , that would make a super thing to hang on the wall in Kardamili , if and when some sort of museum collection is put together there .

  2. raclis

    There are many who think about the house at Mani and might want to contribute to its future, but with no serious financial structure in place, most would fear their contributions would go astray. Unfortunately, properties left with no endowments are vulnerable, even without a recession such as the one in Greece.


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