Duchess of Devonshire on meeting JFK

Another video from the delightful series of interviews with Debo. She recalls times with Jack Kennedy and his funeral. She was at the White House during the Cuban missile crisis and could not understand all the talk of “missuls”; she thought they were some kind of thrush.

Click on the picture to play and briefly endure the annoying advertisement before the main event (sound again low gain).



2 thoughts on “Duchess of Devonshire on meeting JFK

  1. lfreundlich

    Of course one is charmed by her elegance, her good humor, her lightly-worn dignity. But if one wanted to be a spoil-sport (and I do), one might be stunned by her dangerous insouciance to what “missile” means in the context of The Cuban Missile Crisis. Her long life would have made her intimate with how such insouciance led to Munich. I would think that members of the Fascist-friendly Mitford family would be sensitive to the issue of resistance to totalitarian aggression. The Duchess probably was, but in this vignette, class trumped shame. When her lot was riding high, it usually did.

  2. willorrewing

    My cousin Archie, who runs the Swan in Swinbrook (owned by the Debo), recorded this rather delightful interview with her a few years ago..


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