175 years of the Red Ox Inn, Heidelberg

Red Ox

Immortalised by Paddy who stayed here in the winter of 1934, the Red Ox Inn is celebrating 175 years managed by six generations of the same family. They say they are looking forward to the 200th anniversary. It is always worth a visit if you travel to beautiful Heidelberg.

In German, and I should warn you there are scenes of hearty German food and large glasses of beer, but fortunately no flash photography.

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3 thoughts on “175 years of the Red Ox Inn, Heidelberg

  1. Sean Deany

    Today for me its Paddy Day – 10 year ago to the day when I was fortunate enough to meet the man in person at his Kardamyli home in Greece. There and then we discussed numerous topics and now it is difficult to believe that so many years have past. If I were in Heidelberg right now I would be sitting at the Red Ox Inn raising my beer mug in honor to Paddy. Love this web site and keep up the good work.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Not so sure Paul. Read Paddy’s description. It was and still is full of paraphernalia from the student societies and when I was last there in June 2013 there were a lot of locals in for the evening. If Paddy walked in now I think that he would find it pretty much as he left it.


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