Walking the Woods and the Water – Nick’s book cover revealed

Walking the Woods and the Water

Walking the Woods and the Water

After a lot of labour, a change of publisher and book title, Nick’s book is finally to be published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing in March. Many of you will remember that two years ago Nick walked Paddy’s great trans-European walk, taking about the same time, using only Paddy’s books as a guide, and visiting many of the houses he stayed in en route.

Nick wrote to me saying “The cover has been designed and I’m very pleased to tell you it’s by Ed Kluz, the same artist who did The Broken Road. Looks very different of course, and not (as I was worried it might) overly derivative of the style of Paddy’s books. But a nice continuity.”

It will be interesting to see what you all think about that. As soon as I have further news I will update you. I do know that Nick will be giving some talks to support the publication and I will pass on these details as soon as I have them.


5 thoughts on “Walking the Woods and the Water – Nick’s book cover revealed


    I think that retracing Fermor’s path through Europe in the 1930s is amazing, especially in this politica climate, and in this cynical age. Oh! to roll back the clock. I recently read the Biography of the Duchess of Devonshire who was a close friend of Fermor’s , not surprising of course , and other biographies of his and Joan’s class, all part of the English aristocracy of which he too was part , in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Food for thought. All interesting. I look forward to obtaining the book. Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 06:30:14 +0000 To: allanmacfarlane@bell.net

    1. JulianA

      I really enjoyed Benedict Allen’s television recreation of PLF’s journey followed by his interview with him a few years ago. I think it was part of a BBC ‘Great Journeys’ series, but I don’t recall it being repeated or made available on DVD. It was very good though.

      @Tom – glad it’s as good as it looks! I’m sure you will be able to announce the publication on here so that we can buy first editions… We’ll be looking out for it though.

  2. JulianA

    It’s a great cover – a fine tribute to John Craxton’s style. I look forward to seeing it for real and to reading the book – I’ll be buying a copy as soon as it comes out.

    Shall we be visiting an Ed Kluz exhibition in the Fitzwilliam or similar in a few years time? It would be nice to think so!

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Julian – I received a proof copy yesterday and I have to say I am bowled over and really glad for Nick. Only on page 30 but loving it. It augers well.


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