Magouche Fielding talks about living with Arshile Gorky

This video is taken from the Tate Modern website featuring their retrospective of Gorky in 2010. Magouche talks about her life with Gorky whilst rolling her cigarettes!

At the time of this video she was aged 89. She appears worldly but not world-weary. This is from a 2003 New Yorker review by Peter Scheldahl.

“Then, in February, 1941, he met the lovely, brilliant nineteen-year-old Agnes Magruder.  She was the adventurous daughter of a Navy captain – she worked as a secretary for a Chinese Communist organization – and her modest social elevation tickled Gorky’s vanity. Upset by the match, the Magruders provided scant support, but the growing Gorky family spent summers at their country home in Virginia, where Gorky, working outdoors, made several series of astonishing drawings not so much from as inside nature: botanical and insect forms quivering with itchy vitality while participating in an august formal order. Mougouch was self-sacrificing. “Dear Joking Jesus how wonderful it will be when he has a studio really his own,” she wrote to her confidante, the collector and artist Jeanne Reynal. She put Gorky first for as long as her sanity could bear it.”

Link to Tate Modern site here.

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