Preserving Transylvania’s Heritage

You will recall that I recently brought to your notice the efforts of the Global Heritage Fund as it seeks to raise money for the building of a new brick kiln in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. This is a totally wonderful area. The landscape is beautiful; the fauna, including wolves, lynx, and brown bear, whilst still numerous is in danger; the cultural heritage is unique – German Saxons, Sekler Hungarians, Romanians and Roma living side by side; but there is little money to ensure that this region, that marked the border between medieval Christendom and the empire of the Ottomans is preserved, as corruption and neglect permits its steady decline.

There are now less than two weeks left for the Global Heritage Fund, in conjunction with the author of Along the Enchanted Way,  William Blacker, to raise the $20,000 that they need to build a new brick kiln in the traditional style, so they they can continue to restore the decaying houses and preserve this environment.

As a lover of Transylvania, I ask you to consider giving a few dollars towards this worthy campaign which will not only preserve the buildings in the traditional way, but also provide employment for local people so that they can continue to live in the area, and ensure a future for them all. To those who siad before that they would rather give towards Paddy’s house, I think I should say that whilst that is a worthy position, it is perhaps best to deal with what we have today, and there is talk of a solution for the house which may not require any further giving.

All funds will go to the project on the ground in Romania and I ask you to consider giving generously to the project by visiting the crowdfunding site here.

Some of my own personal images of the villages may inspire you further …

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4 thoughts on “Preserving Transylvania’s Heritage

  1. Angelica Deverell

    What a beautiful and romantic region,let’s hope the brick kiln really can help locally. Bet Paddy would have contributed !


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