Help Build a Kiln in Transylvania

Malancrav, near Sighisoara, Romania

Malancrav, near Sighisoara, Romania

Global Heritage Fund UK and the Anglo-Romanian Trust for Traditional Architecture (chaired by William Blacker) have begun a project to protect and restore the cultural landscape of the Saxon villages of Transylvania.  The beautiful buildings are in desperate need of repair using only the traditional materials from the new kiln, and local people are in need of jobs. To address this, Global Heritage Fund is raising money to build a traditional brick and tile making kiln. Run by a Romanian expert, this kiln will directly employ locals and provide much-needed materials for the on-going work of restoration and conservation of the early vernacular buildings.

A crowd-funding site has been established to raise $20,000, of which they have raised almost $5,000,  and I support the attempt. If you would like to know more, and to donate, please visit the crowdfunding page here.


2 thoughts on “Help Build a Kiln in Transylvania

  1. Hans Christian Bogstad

    No doubt a very worthy cause, but perhaps readers of the Paddy website would give priority to the restoration of Paddy’s Greek house before tackling other projects.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hans, you are right on both fronts. However, there are many folk who feel able, and perhaps have the means, to support a variety of causes. Transylvania is close to my heart, and was important to Paddy so I am happy to share this request with a wider audience. There is no further news on the house, but there are rumours of some negotiations with a major donor, who may or may not be British.


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