The movie Before Midnight, featuring a certain house in a starring role

If you never get the chance to visit Paddy and Joan’s house in Karadmyli, it looks like you can have an extended viewing if you go to see the movie Before Midnight.

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5 thoughts on “The movie Before Midnight, featuring a certain house in a starring role

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  4. ksimeronei

    I cannot wait to see this movie but, unfortunately, I shall have to wait and perhaps for quite a while, given that what is usually shown in movie houses responds to the crummy taste of mid-level citydwellers whose attachment to the general culture leaves much to be desired. If this film is ever shown here (Cancun) it will last a day and then disappear for ever into … who knows where. If there is a DVD I suppose I can apecial order it, which I plan to do anyway.


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