Crossing red lines and other clichés

Today I have had to ban two long term blog readers from posting comments on the blog as they had repeatedly posted offensive and potentially libellous comments even after they had been asked privately to cease.

The comment facility is open to all. It is sometimes a source of useful information; fellow readers help each other out with something or other; and at times it can be a forum for animated debate. There are occasions when fellow readers will argue passionately about some minor fact, and often come close to blows, but on nearly all occasions people know where to draw the line. All good knock-about fun. In the case of these two individuals they forgot the rules and did not play nicely with the other children.

I am able to see all comments and will not tolerate any behaviour that is these days called ‘inappropriate’ ie just plain bad. You can debate as much and as hard as you like, but I will not tolerate any comments that are racist, homophobic, insulting or libellous. These are red lines and I will apply a zero tolerance policy. If you are asked by me or another reader to desist, remove a comment, or apologise then please take stock, think about it, and act in a way that respects others, and also very importantly respects Paddy’s memory.

If anyone has any issue with what I have said, or wishes to seek further clarification please contact me through any of the usual channels including the comment facility.



10 thoughts on “Crossing red lines and other clichés

  1. Andy Bostock

    Interesting news John. I’m sure there’s no connection but Stephen Fry visited Paddy’s house in the last couple of weeks. I think he qualifies as ‘rich Englishman’ . . .

  2. John Chapman

    Hi Tom

    I’m in Kardamili at present,regretfully leaving tomorrow. But today a Greek friend told me that there is good news regarding paddy’s house… A rich Englishman has put up the money to refurbish and will have use of the house for 3 months of the year. The rest will be up to the Benaki to organise. I’m not sure if this is true, nor have any more details, let’s hope!

    Cheers John

    John Chapman

    1. Helen Anderson

      What a good idea, wish I had thought of that! (and had the money to do it of course..); as long as it doesn’t turn it into a sort of timeshare..

  3. Tim

    Agree. Have no problem with how you moderate. It is a great shame that even this place, is not immune from the need for moderation.

  4. John Youde

    Yes Tom it is right and proper that people who do not comply are taken off air. This site is for Patrick Leigh Fermor enthusiasts and must remain so. Godbless Him

  5. robert seibert

    Right on, Tom. Paddy would surely agree. Sorry to change the subject but is anything happening with the house at Kardamyli?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hello Robert – the last I heard was that the Benaki are in discussion with a potentially significant benefactor. Until that process is completed, one way or another, I doubt we will hear any more or see any action. But keep your eyes peeled as there is something about the house scheduled for next week on your favorite blog!

  6. Judy Stove

    Well said, Tom. Just a shame that you are required to restrict access sometimes. The rest of us appreciate your behind-the-scenes work.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Judy – it is the first time in three years I have had to do this. I don’t want to censor stuff so most things go through. On this occasion it had to be stopped.


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