Defense de Craxtonner

A delightful drawing by Paddy of John Craxton who was the illustrator of all of Paddy’s books from A Time to Keep Silence onwards. It was sent to me by Artemis Cooper who says ‘It’s a very good likeness of JC’.

Paddy’s writing is rather faint but he has written:

‘Johnny is always painting goats browsing on olive branches, which lays the country bare…’

Defense de Craxtonner by Patrick Leigh Fermor

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6 thoughts on “Defense de Craxtonner

  1. Nicolas

    Hope I’m not being pedantic but if any of you were wondering about the title, it’s a pun on the French sign “défense de klaxonner”, meaning “no horn” or “no hooting” which is usually seen in France near hospitals, etc.

  2. johnedwardyoude

    Great to see something that Paddy has written a few years ago, although I assume the ‘it’ should be taken out of this sentence ‘Paddy’s writing is rather faint but it he has written’

    John Youde


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