£1 a week – Nick to talk about his journey, Saturday 1 September in London

After a short period of adjustment to ‘normal life’, and, I dare say, some personal reflection, Nick has contacted us to say thank you for the support you gave to him and to announce that he will be giving a talk about his walk on 1 September.

Dear everyone,

Thanks so much for all your support before and during my walk to Istanbul. Knowing that people were following me, reading and enjoying my blog, made a lot of difference on the rocky, rainy days.

I hope you all got your postcards. Some of you are also due a handmade book, and/ or a CD of audio recordings from the journey. I will get round to these as soon as possible — be patient, they will come!

I’ll be starting work on the book very soon. It will hopefully be published next year — you can sign up for updates on my blog, if you want to be kept informed.

For anyone in London, I’m giving a talk about the journey at the Globetrotters Club, who also funded me. It’s on Saturday September 1st, around 3.00pm, here:

Church of Scotland Church Hall,
Crown Court,
London, WC2B 5EZ

I think it’s £5 or £6 on the door, but they normally have an enormous array of free biscuits. Come if you can.

Thanks again for all your support!


Here is a useful map!


4 thoughts on “£1 a week – Nick to talk about his journey, Saturday 1 September in London

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      It was very successful Florence. Nick was clearly still very emotional about the whole experience.

  1. Julia E Bishop

    I live in NC, USA. Am a huge Fermor fan; wish I could be there for the talk! From what i have read, I am sure your recent journey is going to be a great interest for your own insights and by comparisons.


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