Happy times at Dumbleton

Some memories of Paddy at Dumbleton sent to me by Tim Todd and Alun Davies. The group is involved in finding out more about the Kreipe kidnap and especially the route used during the escape.

As Alun says … ‘A fond memory of Paddy from the time we lunched with him in 2005. I attach with this two photos taken in the garden that day – the 8th August 2005. The group shot shows from L-R John Ellis-Roberts, Richard Cowper, Chris Paul, PLF and Tim Todd.’

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2 thoughts on “Happy times at Dumbleton

  1. Tim

    The photo in which we are in shadow, includes another guest that day, Artemis Cooper whom we were all delighted to meet and with whom we have remained in touch (getting a little bit of information about Paddy here, providing a little there). I’m sure I speak for all when I say we look forward to the publication of her biography of Paddy when it comes out in October.
    For me that day was without doubt, the peak of what was, in 2005, fifteen years of researching Paddy’s exploits in Crete.
    Fond memories too of Rita, Paddy’s housekeeper whom I had met many years before when I just took a chance on passing the property and knocked on the door. After a lengthy chat about my interest in Paddy, she said don’t be surprised if I got an invite to lunch with him one day. It was worth the wait.


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