Discussing Patrick Leigh Fermor at the Durrell 2012 conference in London, 16 June

The Lawrence Durrell Society are holding a centenary conference in London during the period 13-16 June 2012. There will be a session focused on Paddy and his relationship with Durrell on Saturday 16 June. The programme for the morning is: 9.00 AM – 10.30 AM :: Parallel Session :: VIIa (Large Common Room) :: Chaired by Pamela Francis (Northwestern State University, Louisiana). Martha Klironomos (San Francisco State University), “Travel Practices, Writing, & Photography: Comparing the Works of Patrick Leigh Fermor and Lawrence Durrell.” Marc Woodworth (Skidmore College), “Fiding Kovecses: An Open Letter to Patrick Leigh Fermor.” Dan Popescu (Partium Christian University, Romania), “‘In Clashing Hues’: Images of the Gypsies in Patrick Leigh Fermor’s Between the Woods & the Water.”


1 thought on “Discussing Patrick Leigh Fermor at the Durrell 2012 conference in London, 16 June

  1. durrell2012

    Thanks, Tom. We would be delighted to have attendance from our Paddy Leigh Fermor friends.

    Anyone with questions about attending that 16 June morning session can drop me an email:


    For those interested in Lawrence Durrell, please note the following events and exhibitions, special to the Centenary week:

    * An Opening Exhibition of paintings, photographs, and letters — held at the Foyles Gallery, Charring Cross.

    * A special Keynote session featuring Durrell biographers Ian MacNiven, Michael Haag, and Joanna Hodgkin.

    * Lawrence Durrell at the British Library — an afternoon and evening of special events, featuring archival talks and panel discussions about Durrell’s life and writings.

    * The Durrell Centenary Banquet — an evening of toasts, stories, poetry, song, and celebration, with remarks by Lee Durrell (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) and a keynote address from Christopher Butler (Christ Church, Oxford), author of Early Modernism: Literature, Music and Painting in Europe 1900-1916.

    All are welcome!

    Times, dates, and sites for all events can be found posted at

    Durrell 2012: The Lawrence Durrell Centenary

    Lawrence Durrell at the British Library

    Reach Upwards to the Affirming Sun: Lawrence Durrell in 2012

    Durrell 2012: The Lawrence Durrell Centenary
    13 – 16 June 2012
    Goodenough College
    The British Library


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