Visionaries Who Changed Our World

This review is apparently about ‘the minds we will miss’ and actually it is pretty good. It starts with a picture of the recently departed Peter Hitchens. I am not sure about – “They opened doors, blazed trails, and left us all too soon.” – the left us too soon part is perhaps not something we can truly say about Paddy but the sentiment is well understood. It also has a link directly to the blog.

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Ulf Andersen / Getty Images from Newsweek.

Travel Writer, 96

He was a rare blend, penning some of the most memorable travel books of the 20th century and capturing a Nazi commander in Crete. Leigh Fermor related his adventures—watching a voodoo ceremony in Haiti, living with Trappist monks—in dazzling prose with a deep pathos for every place he visited.

4 thoughts on “Visionaries Who Changed Our World

    1. heatherlynn

      It is Christopher. The all too soon is a reference to this article in the Guardian out this past weekend honoring Hitchens’ passing:
      Being American, it is great to see Newsweek celebrating these visionaries.
      I know and admire many of them, their work. I don’t know all of them.
      In conversation with friends on each passing, including Fermor and Hitchens, I feel they were often misunderstood for their true heart, soul and greatness.
      Grateful for their, especially Paddy and those he introduced me to through his work, beautiful influence on my life.


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