Post-operation interrogation of Patrick Leigh Fermor

A very revealing file from Paddy’s debrief upon his return from Crete. He operated under the cover name of Michaelis Frangielakis. It is very extensive discussing day-to-day operations and organisation in Crete. An interesting conclusion is that Italian interrogations of prisoners were less brutal than those of the Germans, and were more successful being psychologically more sophisticated: “The Italians understood the Mediterranean mind and methods much better than the Germans.”


3 thoughts on “Post-operation interrogation of Patrick Leigh Fermor

  1. lixy

    A slight correction–PLF’s code name was Michalis Frangiadakis (Μιχαλης Φραγκιαδακης), not Frangelakis (as can be seen on the map of Crete he drew, which can be seen elsewhere these pages).

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      You will have to take that one up with the War Office! There could well be an error. Other documents show they could not even spell his proper name.

  2. Judy Stove

    Fascinating. I imagine that “source” enjoyed going to functions with a local girl and pretending to be “rather drunk.”


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