Hunting Hitler’s Henchmen on National Geographic tonight at 7.00 pm

This programme showing tonight covers the story of Paddy and Moss and the brave Cretans who captured General Kreipe. However, it comes with an ‘accuracy warning’. It appears that the makers approached Tim Todd and fellow experts but in the end Tim did not work with them as it appeared that the makers wished to stray from some of the facts. However, for those who know little enough about this, it may be no worse than the Powell-Pressburger movie. I have no idea if 7.00 pm means UK time or some other GMT + or – time.

You can find out more on the National Geographic website. The blurb describes it as follows:

Their bravery has inspired countless films but, until now, the real story of some of Britain’s greatest war heroes has remained in the shadows.

Hunting Hitler’s Henchmen is a film about some of Britain’s bravest military. With ex-special forces soldiers as guides, venture beyond the movies to meet the snatch squads: commandos sent behind enemy lines to take out Hitler’s most-feared generals.

They slipped into Nazi-led Libya to kill the infamous Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel, and succeeded in snatching General Heinrich Kreipe from under the noses of 15,000 soldiers.

Risking their lives to disrupt the Nazi war machine, these are the heroes who inspired Hollywood: incredible men sent to eliminate Hitler’s top brass.


11 thoughts on “Hunting Hitler’s Henchmen on National Geographic tonight at 7.00 pm

      1. alexandraco46

        Tom, I was for 2 weeks last month in Bucharest. It’s my world there. From there I can go wherever I wish, if I wish. But my friends along my life and my family are there, not to talk about cultural life to which I have access all for free. You wouldnt miss this, would you? 🙂

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      I have no idea Alexandra. I don’t actually watch it myself. This may be a UK channel only? Sorry I can’t help.

        1. proverbs6to10 Post author

          Ah, the horrors of life in Switzerland. I will be chuckling as I joyfully say “goodbye” and “see you soon” to the iron grey skies overhead and enter the tube tonight snuggling up against my new very close friends on the Waterloo and City line 🙂 Give me London any day to the clean air and wondeful views across Lake Geneva. I don’t know how you can bear it!


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