John Chapman’s photos of Paddy’s house

A little nugget from a friend of John Chapman (of Mani Guide fame) about the handover of Paddy’s house to the Benaki. This prompted me to ‘reveal’ John’s excellent series of photographs of Paddy  and his house taken during a visit on 2005.

Hi John,

Two days ago we went to Patrick’s evening with the Benakeion Institute taking over ceremony so to speak and a kind of farewell for Paddy..The President of the institute gave a lovely speech in Greek, well thought and with very high appreciation for Fermor’s personality and character and his love for Greece..He regarded him as much more of ”kardamyliotis than British man” because he ”lived here longer and loved this place a lot”.

In any case I had a couple of British friends with me and we all enjoyed it.

To see more of the photographs click here (and scroll down a a bit).

Main Mani Guide site here.

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