Paddy’s Gloucestershire home for sale for £2.5m

I am trying to obtain a better copy, but here is a scan from today’s Sunday Times property section, of an article about the sale of Paddy and Joan’s house in Dumbleton.

It does in in fact focus on his house in Kardamyli (which it correctly says is going to the Benaki) but it is trying to highlight, as these sections do, that the house in Dumbelton is for sale for £2,500,000. Property particulars from Right Move and a full brochure on the Strutt & Parker website.


5 thoughts on “Paddy’s Gloucestershire home for sale for £2.5m

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  2. tim

    Tom, a photo of Paddy in this garden is on it’s way to you via email if you might care to add it to your site. It was taken in 2005 when Paddy generously invited a few of us who had been retracing his footsteps in Crete, with his help, for lunch.
    As one of his many great admirers it was, for me, the culmination of many years of trying to catch up with him and spend some time with him. It was a truly memorable day with the added bonus of meeting our now mutual acquaintance Artemis.

  3. Mike Haines

    Hi, I’m just dropping a line to say that Paddy’s Gloucester home on the Strutt and Parker website. It’s a nine-page brochure in a PDF file. The house looks fabulous!


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