Your cash is worthless – you might as well give it to Nick!

As we face yet another phase of financial Armageddon. As stock markets tumble and the only worthwhile assets to hold are copies of Paddy’s books in first editions, farmland and gold. As Europe’s leaders sun themselves, seemingly oblivious to the death throes of the Euro, it is time for the sprint to the finish line for Nick Hunt’s funding exercise to support his walk from The Hook of Holland to Constantinople on just £1 a week.

Thanks to your amazing generosity we are just £40 away from the target of £1,500. Who will be our sprint champion and help Nick across the finish line by the end of today?

Remember if he does not reach the £1,500 target he will not actually receive a bean.

Watch the video; get inspired, click here and take out your debit card! There are no penalties for giving more than he needs!
Thank you !

To donate visit After the Woods and the Water on WeDidThis.

Untitled from Nick Hunt on Vimeo.


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