£1 a week from Hook of Holland to Constantinople – funding update

Nick Hunt’s appeal for funds to support his journey in Paddy’s footsteps was launched exactly one week ago. The response has been amazing with £870 raised and only £630 to go to reach his target of £1,500. Nick tells me that donations have poured on from all round the world from Australia to the Czech Republic, from the sunshine state of Florida, and even the Scots have found some change down the back of the sofa!

Many blog readers have contributed and I am asking for another big push this week to reach the target. If Nick does not reach the £1,500 all the donors will get their money back and Nick will receive nothing. This is the way that Crowdfunding works.

You can donate varying amounts and you will receive a range of items from Nick when on his journey to thank you and remind you of your support. Slightly higher donations will permit a mention of your name in his final book about the journey as well as a copy of the book.

This is a very worthwhile and very serious venture requiring a major commitment from Nick of a year of his life, so please visit the WeDidThis website and donate something. Watching his video on the site and dreaming, just for a moment, that it could be you walking that fabled route has to be worth £10!


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