Paddy’s memorial service

Just a very quick update to inform many of you who have enquired about a date for Paddy’s memorial service.

It is likely that this will not take place until late 2011, perhaps even in December. When I know more I will update you all.

In the meantime there may be a service in Kardamyli but nothing is set yet.


2 thoughts on “Paddy’s memorial service

  1. milesfenton

    He was my uncle.

    I was able to spend a week with him at Kardamyli a couple of years ago which gave us time for a long overdue get-together.
    Such a sublime home, quiet yet alive with the sound of waves, the aroma of olive trees, occasional visits from one or two remaining cats and a curious praying mantis that clung to the small table lamp during dinner.

    I flew from Vancouver Canada to be at his funeral and meet many of his old friends.

    A long journey of the mind from my childhood memories of him to the present.


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