Anthony Lane’s New Yorker article on Fermor is now free to view

Anthony Lane's New Yorker article, May 2006

In trying to make this blog a focal point for all information related to Paddy I have had some problems accessing all on-line material. The one I most sought is the acclaimed May 22, 2006 profile by Anthony Lane which was published in the New Yorker.

This has sat behind their subscriber firewall, tempting us with one-off subscriptions. Now it appears that (possibly marking Paddy’s death?) this is no longer the case. You can now visit their archive, read the article in full on-line, print it or possibly even download it.

There are many profiles of Paddy. This is probably one of the longest and best, and includes interview material with him that many will have not seen before.

Take a trip to the New Yorker website and have a read.

Editor’s Note:  the pdf download appears to be no longer available – click on the article to magnify to read and then drag your cursor to move around the page.


3 thoughts on “Anthony Lane’s New Yorker article on Fermor is now free to view

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  2. Richard Stenhouse Little -- Former Naval Person

    I believe it is time for this ordinary late comer to the Blogsite of Sir Paddy, to register my warmest thanks to all who are clearly working hard and round the clock to keep us all informed of comment, story line, not to say obituaries of every stripe, reminiscences and memoirs of our great hero.

    It is clear to me that all this effort is exactly in the same generous spirit of he at the centre of our attention. So my huge and unreserved thanks to you all.

    Doubtless at some future point, we may receive news of a Service of Thanksgiving, perhaps, if that was Paddy’s wish. It would not surprise me to learn that perhaps he may not have wished for the same… and so be it.
    Meanwhile, I could not agree more with the pitiful report of the BBC. I shouted at both radio and TV for not including this man of such stature, learning, commitment and contribution to his country. But credit is due to Paddy O’Connell – ( well there’s a coincidence for us ! ) — and his inclusion of Colin Thubron’s reading from Words of Mercury.

    Requiescat in pace, Paddy. Thank you for all the priceless gems you have left us. So very glad that your
    indefatigable back-up team got you back to England to depart this life.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Richard – Paddy’s funeral is this Thursday. Something will follow in Greece which is only right. There will then be a memorial service, possibly in London – don’t know and neither does anyone else yet – at some future date. I guess in a couple of months. I will update all on that one.



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