Ride of the Valkyries: The Vichy perspective on the German invasion of Crete

This is a very interesting perspective of the Nazi invasion of Crete sent to me by Marion Worsley. It is a German propaganda movie made by French Vichy government on what is called “The liberation of Crete from the occupying British Forces.” It is narrated by a Vichy collaborator. He seems to think they all did very well. However, the casualty rate amongst the German paratroops was around 50 per cent; many killed by Cretan peasants as they descended or landed. It was enough to persuade Hitler that such airborne operations should not be repeated.

For Churchill the initial surprise achieved was sufficient to persuade him that the British should create airborne forces which led eventually to the creation of the Parachute Regiment – the Red Devils.

The film starts with the musical accompaniment of  The Ride of the Valkyries. Was this what inspired Francis Ford Coppola for his Kilgore, Air Cavalry scene in Apocalypse Now?

Click the picture to play.

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