Mani: A Guide and History

As I was killing time doing some web searches for Paddy related material, I stumbled across this website which the creator John Chapman claims as a comprehensive guide to the history, geography and sites of the Mani. It is linked to a German language Mani travel site .

Having had a quick scoot around it certainly looks very comprehensive so if you are planning on a visit to the Mani you may wish to use it. The navigation is a bit clumsy, but the content looks very comprehensive indeed.

I found an apartment on the accompanying site where my family stayed on two occasions in the 1990’s near the quiet fishing village of Agios Dimitrios. Right by the sea with wonderful sunsets it is a great place for a holiday enabling you to visit the wider Peloponnese as well. Little did I know at the time that a lovely beach we found near Kardamili, that was overlooked by an inviting looking stone house was none other than the beach where Paddy swims and that the house was his.

Visit —> Mani: A Guide and History by John Chapman


3 thoughts on “Mani: A Guide and History

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  2. John Chapman

    As the author of the site mentioned in this blog, I can avouch that the navigation is indeed unsophisticated. I wouldn’t go as far at call it ‘clumsy’, but then I wouldn’t, would I?

    The site was ‘constructed’ over ten years ago, though much information has been added to it over the intervening years. There’s plenty to read for those interested in Mani, and I keep promising myself to add more of my researches, but life has got in the way. Navigation wasn’t my imperative. Telling a mess of stories was.

    By the way check out David Mason’s book ‘News from the Village'(2010)Red Hen Press. ISBN 978-1-59709-471-9. Dave lived in Kardamili near Paddy in his 20s, and is now the Poet Laureate of Colorado. Yup – Colorado’s got a Poet Laureate. Dave knows Paddy well, and the book is a delight.

    John C.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      John – great that you found us and thank you for taking the time to comment. I think getting the navigation right on a site is just about the hardest thing after content. As I said the content is very comprehensive and it looks like a very good site indeed. It is a pity it appears to be buried away within another site. Maybe more could be done with it? I hope you were not too offended by my use of the term clumsy. I was trying to be objective!



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