World War II Veterans event British Embassy Athens

An account from the British Embassy Athens website telling of a Greek and British veterans gathering held on 9 March 2009. Of course Paddy was there!

A unique gathering of almost 30 WWII Veterans under the Ambassador’s Residence roof

It was a unique and rare occasion to witness the gathering of almost 30 WWII Veterans under one roof. The British Ambassador, Dr David Landsman, and the British Defence Attaché hosted the gathering at the British Ambassador’s Residence on Monday 9th March. Addressing this “distinguished and unique group of people,” Ambassador, Dr David Landsman said, “We are living in a better world, thanks to the sacrifices you made.”

Opening the event, the Defence Attaché welcomed the Veterans and conducted a brief presentation on the current status of the British Armed Forces. Highlighting the importance of formally recognizing the Armed Forces and our Veterans, he explained that the British Government has now nominated 27th June as a national day of celebration.

Amidst the array of celebrities in the room, a selection took the time to say a few words on behalf of their fellow veterans. Amongst them, Jason Mavrikis MBE, Sir Patrick (Paddy) Leigh Fermor DSO OBE, Themis Marinos (S.O.E.), Air Marshal Constantinos Hatzilakos (RAFA Hellenic Pilots), Lt General Korkas (Sacred Squadron), Captain Rigas Rigopoulos (Levante Flotila)

4 thoughts on “World War II Veterans event British Embassy Athens

  1. Claus de la Porte

    Dear Paddy, I am proud to be involved in a feature film project on Anders Lassen, VC, MC3 and in this connection we had the pleasure and privilege to meet Jason Mavrikis some years ago. Lately we have not been able to locate him and fear, that something happened to him?!
    Can you shed light on this through your Greek channels, please, as we are worried for that formidable giant, as he is.
    Claus de la Porte (Danish)
    Cell +45 4062 4883

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hi Claus – first of all it is I, Tom Sawford. who runs the blog inspired by Paddy!! I don’t know about these guys but will put up a piece on the blog and ask the question for you.

    1. Tim

      I am Tim who is often on this website and run and a few other SOE/Crete related sites. I have just become aware of your book and ordered a copy. I am in touch with a number of the families of your old friends and knew Paddy, George Psychoundakis and Monty. I can’t understand how I’ve missed you up till now. Would love to get in touch. Just tweeted you. You can reach me via my website above if you would be so kind.
      Best wishes
      Tim Todd
      PS. I heard about this meeting at the embassy from a friend who was the Greek Military attache in London at the time, Theodoros Kitsos- would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!


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