A biography of Paddy by Artemis Cooper?

There are some tough jobs around, but few could be tougher than writing a biography of Patrick Leigh Fermor. However, according to the acknowledgements section of “In Tearing Haste” by Charlotte Mosley, Artemis Cooper is apparently doing so; ‘… to Artemis Cooper, who is preparing a biography of Paddy’. Artemis of course edited “Words of Mercury” (2003).

Given that we have been waiting twenty four years for “Vol 3” what are the chances of Artemis’ biography being published before that volume? Not great I would have thought. But what a challenge to write about the life of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I wish her the best of luck!


3 thoughts on “A biography of Paddy by Artemis Cooper?

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  2. Chris Lawson

    Artemis was one of the invited guests when Paddy celebrated his 95th birthday in Northamptonshire. I thought he would stay in Greece! I am pretty sure Debo was there too.

    There was a short mention in the Daily Torygraph.


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