John Chapman’s photographs of Paddy at home in Kardamyli 2005




8 thoughts on “John Chapman’s photographs of Paddy at home in Kardamyli 2005

  1. Jeff

    The view from Paddy’s house over the sea is my wallpaper on my computer, and my Year 5 and Year 6 pupils get to see it everyday. I tell them little bits of information about Paddy and they are fascinated.

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  3. Sarah Bolwell

    Hi John Chapman – i work for the London Library Magazine and there is an article about PLF in the next issue. Would we be able to illustrate it with one or two of your photographs please? Look forward to hearing from you, Sarah

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  6. Hans Christian Bogstad

    Having read and enjoyed Paddy’s description of his house, these great pictures made the whole place come alive. Well done, John! I’ll print them and stick them inside the book.


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