Obituary: Dervla Murphy

Travel writer who famously journeyed alone from her native Ireland to India on a bicycle, armed with a pistol and a compass First published in The Guardian Dervla Murphy’s Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle, published in 1965, is now as much a historical document of a gone world as a travel book, […]

Dervla Murphy’s lore

Although some have questioned why she is featured on the blog, I know that others enjoy reading about this intrepid lady, who is perhaps a more intrepid and accomplished travel writer than our very own Paddy. Her books are available via the website of our friends, Eland Publishing. Dervla celebrated her 88th birthday mid-November 2019. […]

Dervla Murphy honoured by British Guild of Travel Writers

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, the British Guild of Travel Writers announced that they were celebrating Dervla Murphy by honouring her with a BGTW Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to travel writing. Dervla was nominated for this honour by BGTW member Hilary Bradt, who said of her career: “Dervla is the real thing. […]

Jasper Winn in conversation with Dervla Murphy at Engage Arts Festival

Our good friend Jasper Winn is reprising his double act with Dervla Murphy this weekend at the Engage Arts Festival in Bandon, County Cork. Apologies for the short notice but perhaps some of our Ireland based followers will be able to attend. They appear at Bandon Grammar School on Sunday 27 September at 4.30 pm. […]

Dervla Murphy: ‘Older travellers are now more intrepid than the young’

This makes great reading for those of us who are growing old, or who wish to grow old, disgracefully! Perhaps it is actually gracefully? by Dervla Murphy First published in the Telegraph, 23 September 2015 In her late 30s, Jane Austen serenely prepared for imminent middle age and soon was dressing as a maiden aunt […]

The Travel Writing Tribe by Tim Hannigan review – an elitist genre?

This article is well worth a read. I don’t know about the book, but the ideas that it explores are interesting. The hypothesis is that travel writing used to be dominated by Old Etonians with colonialist tendencies; but this critique apparently shows that the ‘travellees’ are writing back. By  Ali Bhutto First published in The […]

Where Travel Writing is Now

A thought provoking piece for the Easter holidays from Barnaby Rogerson, founder of the wonderful Eland books. May I wish you all, wherever you are, a very happy and peaceful Easter (remember Paddy had arrived for the great Easter celebrations at Esztergom on the Danube). By Barnaby Rogerson First published in Errant Magazine 18 September 2015 […]

The gravitational pull of a unique personality

We all discovered Paddy by different routes, but if one follows the thread of certain ideas, one can often find it leads to Patrick Leigh Fermor. My own journey started with my interest in Byzantine history; the link with Constantinople and Steven Runciman being my link. It was therefore a great joy to hear from […]

Transylvanian Saxon and polymath, Rudolf Fischer – obituary

Rudolf Fischer, who has died aged 92, was a historian, linguist and polymath who advised and guided foreign writers through the minutiae of eastern European history, language, etymology and ethnography; the foremost of these, Patrick Leigh Fermor, acknowledged in 1986 that his debt to Fischer was “beyond reckoning”. First published in the Telegraph 12 June […]

The Longest Journey Will Always Lie Ahead

Whilst digging around I came across this charming obituary to Paddy by Justin Marozzi who is famous for his book The Man Who Invented History: Travels with Herodotus, in which Justin describes an account of a lengthy retsina fuelled lunch with Paddy when he visited Kardamyli in 2007. By Justin Marozzi. First published in StandPoint […]

Ox Travels: Meetings with Remarkable Travel Writers

Read some great travel stories by some of the best travel writers, including Paddy’s account of the Black Sea cave, and help Oxfam projects at the same time. Introduction by Michael Palin. As the Oxfam website says …. “OxTravels is our fantastic new compilation of short travel stories, produced in collaboration with Profile Books and […]

Obituary: Jock Murray

by Patrick Leigh Fermor First published in The Independent 24 July 1993 John Arnaud Robin Grey (Jock Murray), publisher: born 23 September 1908; MBE 1945, CBE 1975; Senior Director, John Murray 1968-93; married 1939 Diana James (two sons, two daughters); died London 22 July 1993. JOCK MURRAY took such trouble about his authors, and in […]