Parish Notice – Travels With Paddy: The Blog Discussion Forum to close

The discussion Forum I created about a year ago has not been a total success. It has had very little use so I am going to allow it to expire on 27 September. There is plenty of comment and discussion in the comment section of the blog so I shall leave it at that for the moment.

9 thoughts on “Parish Notice – Travels With Paddy: The Blog Discussion Forum to close

  1. Dellsie

    I want to thank you for all your efforts and for helping keep the writings of PLF alive.
    (I looked at your blog and website always though I didn’t comment.) You inspired me and I’m sure many many more people than you realize. I had the privilege of living in Greece for three wonderful years, in the bright hopeful era before its 2004 Olympics, and the writing of PLF enriched that experience so much.
    I bought several of his reissued books this year and am going to talk about him at my book sharing group tomorrow. Who knows how the flame passes on?
    I’m sorry to see your blog go but congratulations on all you accomplished!!
    (I wonder if you’d consider just cutting it back, not such an exhausting pace of daily entries, maybe once a week or so?? You have put SO MUCH excellent work into it, why just let it go??)
    p.s. Here’s another title, a book that PLF encouraged and helped bring about: THE BAREFOOT RUNNER, the breathtaking account by one of the resistance village fighters in Crete in WWII.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Dell – thanks for your encouraging words. The blog is staying!! Most definitely. It is only an off-site discussion forum that is closing. Don’t worry there is plenty of material, and you can be assured my pace will vary as it competes with all the other things in my life. Keep on reading and don’t forget to subscribe so you get all the posts to your email box.


  2. Jude Rickman

    Oh, this is tragic. I just became a aware of Paddy Fermor at this passing, and then a great fan — it has taken a little time to locate a Fermor community. Could you reconsider?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Jude – there just was not enough traffic; just a handful in one year. I may reconsider (if we get more representations like yours) but maybe it will need a new spur like a PLF Society (which is under discussion). Meanwhile you can have quite a good discussion on the comments section. Best to subscribe to the Blog (top right) or to WordPress so you can get them automatically posted and not need my ‘approval’ (which is what I am doing now!). Let’s do keep talking!


      1. Lemora Martin

        Tom, I am sorry that just as I discovered Patrick Leigh Fermor, this blog is closing down! I hope you will leave it up for awhile longer. I’ve just read “In Tearing Haste” and it is one of my favorite books ever! I’m going to read all his books. Please reconsider!

        Lemora Martin

        1. proverbs6to10 Post author

          Not the blog Lemora, just a discussion board. The blog will continue for a long time and will never close! In Tearing Haste is a very good book.


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